Europe 2017 - Part 3

27 June 2017

Third Day! It was time for us to go to France. I was trying to book the Ferry, but only 1 transaction went through. We decided to take the Dover - Dunkirk Ferry Route to Paris, as it was cheaper. Since only 1 transaction was successful, the other two cars needed to buy the ticket at the checkpoint.

As we arrived in Dover, we were stuck going in circles through the town to find the entrance to the Ferry. We were so confused, and the major renovation around the Ferry Dock also didn't help. However, we got there on time and we managed to get on the 11 o'clock ferry to Dunkirk.

Dover white wall 
(Fun Fact!, during the olden days, English soldiers or sailors would cheer when they see this wall from afar --- it means that they are finally home)

Ferry Terminal in Dover

We arrived in Dunkirk, and proceed our way to our first Eurocamp cabin, in Paris-Est-Champigny. It was about 4 hrs drive from Dunkirk. It was definitely a challenge for Dad to drive in France because it was a left-hand driving country, but with the GPS, it really did help ease the Drive.

Alffee and Ezeqiel bonding in the cabin


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